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Team Member Profile

RKLA Bette Roberts Photo 2021

Bette Roberts – Technical Advisor

Hi. I’m Bette – the Technical Advisor for the Rok Kern Project. As a social worker, I am very excited to see people coming together to learn and grow for the better of our communities.

Caleb Smith – Religious Consultant

Hi! I’m Caleb – the religious consultant for the Rok Kern project. I lived in Cambodia for 4 years. I came to Cambodia as someone who wanted to help others and make a difference for orphaned and vulnerable children. What I didn’t realise at the time is that “making a difference” is not always as simple or straightforward as it sometimes seems in our imaginations.

Jono Barnett – Volunteer

Hi, I’m Jono I volunteered with Rok Kern during its first year of development and start up. I moved to Cambodia during a year’s break from my studies in mid-2017 due to a desire to experience a side of the world I had been mostly sheltered from by my upbringing in Australia – a place in which I am comfortable and in control.

RKLA Beck Education Consultant 2021

Beck Mower – Educational Consultant

Hi. I’m Beck- the Educational Consultant for the Rok Kern Program. As an educator, I love to see people learning, particularly learning from each other.

Saray Reuk – Manager

Hi. I’m Saray – the Rok Kern Development officer. I am passionate about Rok Kern because I have the opportunity to work alongside volunteers helping them to experience and learn the culture, language and to seek first to understand before they say yes to being part of missions that could be harmful to children.

RKLA Beck Education Consultant

Stacie Ellinger – Founder

Hi. I’m Stacie – the founder of Rok Kern. I am passionate about seeing people discover how they can live life in ways that support and honor vulnerable and marginalised groups in our society.